About Ernest Austin D'Lacey Ham

Clik on Image above self portrait painted by Ernest Ham

Ernest Austin D’Lacey Ham was born in Wareham, Dorset on 21st June 1874.  One of a family of four boys and three girls, several of whom showed artistic abilities.

His ancestors came from France in 1190 as ‘aides-de-camp’ to Phillip Augustus, King of France.  Here they joined Richard I (Richard the Lion Heart or ‘Coeur de Lion’) on his third holy crusade to ‘The Holy Land’.

Over the centuries, the family name was changed from D’Lacey to take on the English name of Ham.

The  family came to Southall in 1889.  Mr. Joel Ham was ‘Clerk in Charge’ for the building of Norwood Green Police Station, completed in 1890.